We are Transformation Agents,
who help You achieve
sustainable business success

by enabling cultures that enhance
performance. We don’t just train,
We Embed

We do what is Right for our Clients. We believe that
if our services are not going to ADD VALUE to You, Your Money is of No Value to Us.
We are committed to help you realise your true Worth.

WYoW Consulting is a bespoke People Consulting company, which operates with a firm commitment to accelerate performance and positively impact business outcomes.

Our unique ‘Derailers-Action-Result-Shift’ approach allows us to work with you at all levels of your organisation, identify the challenges you face and what’s causing them. We are not academicians or gurus who tell you what needs to be done; we bring experience and expertise so we can help you do the work for you. We want every business we work with to thrive and be able to create a culture which brings out the best in its people.

What keeps us ahead is our passion for possibilities, performance and transformation!



This phase is aimed at understanding the current state and the need for transformation. Our diagnostic tools help us get an overview of the existing culture and capabilities. Basis that, we identify performance enablers and derailers, with an agreed ‘case for change and shift’

  • Interview with key stakeholders.
  • *Pulse surveys for insights and sentiment analysis.
  • Current Culture/ Capability assessment.
  • Performance assessment.
  • Identifying Enablers and Derailers.
  • Building the case for change.
  • Gap analysis on culture and brand.


Here is where we design the intervention that will further build the insights and allow the key critical to replace the Derailers with Enablers. We could also give you a fully defined future culture (company values, culture manifesto, or culture deck) that will support your organization.

  • Design the bespoke intervention.
  • Build simulations and scenarios relevant to your unique environment.
  • Identify a delivery methodology that will bring maximum value to your Results.
  • Culture manifesto.
  • Testing the early hypothesis on enablers and derailers
  • Facilitating stakeholder buy-in to the intervention and methodology


Post the implementation of the intervention (s), our focus is to support you on the culture sustenance journey. Here, we equip your people with tools to sustain the shift. This embeds the new culture into all work practices, thereby ensuring that the new language sticks and grows

  • Embedding the new ‘culture & capabilities’ in the organization systems and processes.
  • Identifying the ‘custodians’ who will keep the New Language alive.
  • Establishing checks and balances to stay on track.
  • Pulse surveys for insights and sentiment analysis.
  • Enabling systems to ensure that the newly formed practices become part of the culture
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