Here is a collection of hand-picked blogs on company culture, ownership, profitability, values, and much more.

Some Notes on Company Culture

What follows are condensed notes on almost 20 years of working in tech. In that time I’ve worked with people and teams of different sizes, on different journeys, led by people with different leadership styles. I’ve seen some good, I’ve seen some bad. I’ve seen (and made) mistakes.

How Algolia built a Culture-First Company around Ownership

Culture is critical to who we are and how we work at Algolia. When we ask candidates for feedback regarding their experience with us, most of the time they mention their surprise at seeing all team members aligned on the company culture and its importance.

How to Profit by Helping your Workers be Their Best Selves

Next Jump built a $2-billion e-commerce business based on its revolutionary workplace culture that values self-development above all else.

The Wrong Ways to Strengthen Culture

Compared with some other activities of business leaders, such as hiring the right talent and setting strategy, changing corporate culture can be especially challenging.

Ensuring Company Culture And Values Positively Impact Employee Engagement

When it comes to employee morale and engagement, I like to reference Frederick Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. He proposed that there were two factors to consider.

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